Web Hosting Provider Hostedtoday Five Years in the Industry

January 22, 2007
January 22, 2007 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web hosting provider Hostedtoday (http://www.hostedtoday.com) is celebrating its fifth year in the hosting industry, the company announced recently. Marking the occasion, the company has added new multiple CPU servers with raid drives and now provides a free website builder tool and a toll free support number to complement its range of services.

Hostedtoday’s plans provide a range of tools designed for development of all manner of websites, including ecommerce enabled sites, database driven sites and blogs. The company prides itself that during the five years it has been operating it has provided customers with “affordable web hosting accounts, no hidden charges, fast servers, and excellent features”.

Since inception HostedToday has received a number of industry awards and, according to the company, enjoys one of the highest retention rates in the industry. Hostedtoday have also announced doubling memory and bandwidth on all plans while maintaining its 30-day money back guarantee.
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