Web Hosting Provider Hostway Announces Mobile SiteBuilder

January 16, 2007
January 16, 2007 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web hosting provider Hostway (http://www.hostway.co.uk) has announced the launch of its Mobile SiteBuilder designed to “help businesses and consumers build mobile device-friendly websites quickly and easily”.

Many companies have adopted domain names with the “.mobi” extension since its launch and many have invested in “.mobi” websites. “.mobi” websites require a particular design to operate correctly through mobile handheld devices and Internet-enabled telephones. Hostway’s Mobile SiteBuilder offers a wizard that helps users create “.mobi” complaint websites quickly and effectively.

“Recent research from Vanson Bourne has demonstrated that most mobile phone users still don’t use the mobile Internet because sites are hard to navigate, take a long time to load, or display badly,” explained Hostway Director Mr. Neil Barton.”Mobile SiteBuilder is aimed at combating these problems by helping people to develop simple, easy to use mobile websites.”

“Developers who are familiar with PC-based website development often try to directly convert their websites straight to mobile devices, which is a mistake,” added Mr. Barton. “Mobiles simply don’t have the display size or devices such as mice which allow for the same ease of navigation as PCs do. Developers therefore need to use different methods of designing when making a mobile-specific site.”
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