Web Hosting Provider Media Temple Powers Record-Breaking ‘A Gift From OfficeMax Campaign’

January 27, 2007
January 27, 2007 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web hosting provider Media Temple (http://www.mediatemple.net) has powered a viral marketing campaign - the “A Gift From OfficeMax” campaign - that has amassed 36 million visits in five weeks, the company announced this week.

"With a project developed by superstar firms such as Toy and EVB -- I knew the viral aspect of this project was going to be massive," explained CEO of Media Temple, Demian Sellfors. "What I didn't predict, however, was that it would break so many records for a single customer in our (EL-IDC3) data center. As the demands of this project grew exponentially, our hosting infrastructure kept pace and scaled naturally as designed. Projects like this remind me why we continue to reinvest heavily in our company's infrastructure year after year."

The project received 1,290,330 unique visitors per day with the average length of visitor being 15 minutes. Over 55 terabytes of data were transferred during the project, requiring 16 CPU cores. "We're ecstatic that our company has gained yet another measure of success in an industry that is being redefined every day,” added Sellfors. “These customer challenges provide invaluable experience which we can then apply to other customer projects."

"Gaining OfficeMax as a client was the perfect holiday gift," Sellfors continued. "We are proud to add them to our impressive list of traffic-intensive customers like Sony, Starbucks, Nike, Diesel, TechCrunch and the incredible firms producing their content; EVB, Cuban Council, CPB, Tequila, Hi-Res!, and many others. They've relied on Media Temple for years to serve their campaigns and it's great to see us grow by working together."
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