Web Hosting Provider The Planet Announces New Competitive Agenda

January 18, 2007
January 18, 2007 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web hosting provider The Planet (http://www.theplanet.com) has announced a “new competitive agenda” based on its “merger of two hosting powerhouses - The Planet and EV1Servers”. The company has redefined its suite of product and service offerings with enhanced up-time guarantees and a “new era of capabilities for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs),” which allows them to purchase “on-demand” IT infrastructure. According to the company it intends to leverage its data centers, network and extensive managed services and professional IT organization to “close the IT performance gap between large corporations and smaller companies with limited resources”.

“Today marks a significant milestone in our evolution, as we set a new competitive agenda for delivering products, services and support that redefines how SMBs purchase, use and maintain their IT infrastructures,” explained Douglas E. Erwin, Chairman and CEO of The Planet. “In the high-stakes reality of business, customers want reliability, predictability and competitive pricing. We are ushering in an entirely new value proposition for our customers, with options expressly designed to fit their on-demand IT infrastructure requirements, backed by the strongest uptime guarantees available. As a trusted partner, we take care of the IT infrastructure so our customers can focus on building their businesses and succeeding in their marketplace.”

A research study conducted by Frost and Sullivan’s Stratecast Partners comparing in-house IT infrastructure costs to purchasing “on-demand” IT infrastructure from The Planet suggests purchasing its services “reduces IT costs by as much as 75 percent for small businesses”.
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