Web Hosting Tutorial Provider DemoWolf Offers Free DemoSuite

January 26, 2007
January 26, 2007 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web hosting tutorial provider DemoWolf (http://www.demowolf.com) is offering a free version of DemoSuite with all tutorial purchases, the company announced today. The DemoSuite application allows web hosting companies to create “a custom-branded ‘DemoSuite Flash Player’" for their customers.

DemoSuite Flash Player is used by web hosting customers to view a host’s support tutorials. With Flash Player, customers do not need to visit a web host’s site to view support content - they can view it directly from their Windows desktops.

"DemoSuite is a revolutionary new product that web hosts can use to provide faster support to their customers, and help differentiate themselves from their competition," explained DemoWolf.com Founder Mr. Rob Moore. "Not only is DemoSuite a great new support tool, it is also great at promoting the host's brand, as it puts their logo on the desktops of all customers who download it."

Hosting companies can customize DemoSuite skins and colors, upload their logos, and give Flash Player a new name so that it fully represents their businesses. Hosts can also control which tutorials are shown through Flash Player and the categories they appear in.

"Perhaps the best part of DemoSuite," added Mr. Moore, "is that it is not limited to just playing DemoWolf tutorials. The Flash Players created with DemoSuite will play any flash-based tutorials, demonstrations or presentations whether they were created by DemoWolf, any of DemoWolf.com's competitors, or created in-house by the hosting company themselves using Demo-Builder, or a similar product. You can even playback custom Flash presentations created fully in Flash."

DemoWolf currently has over 1000 stock tutorials available to web hosts covering solutions such as cPanel, WHM, Helm, H-Sphere, Plesk, Virtuozzo, SeverCP, Direct Admin, FTP, DNS and email. The tutorials are also available in a number of languages.
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