Website Hosting Paradise Announces Protection for Business Websites

October 12, 2017
Website Hosting Paradise Announces Protection for Business Websites
Website Hosting Paradise (WHP) has announced enhanced protection for business websites. WHP, which has headquarters in Madison, Wisconsin, United States, offers a number of services including "website security services, penetration testing services and IT security audits". The company specializes in helping businesses protect critical data and strengthen security for web applications. It also helps businesses comply with security standards and "reduce overall risk consequently ensuring the smooth and profitable operations". WHP's latest offer is designed to help businesses experience the services they offer.

Businesses need to protect their sites from hackers as when a company website is brought down it can lead revenue losses and sensitive information getting into the hands of third parties. If an attack impacts a business' customers it could result in costly and time consuming legal action. WHP's latest offer is intended to "give businesses a taste of what they offer" in terms of protecting websites from "malicious acts perpetrated on the internet".

WHP's website protection services offers three levels of protection: 1. 'Detect and Remove', 2. 'Fix and Backup', and 3. 'Secure and Prevent'. The first level of protection includes website scans to spot malware and other risks. Any viruses and malware present are then removed. WHP then protects websites from further attacks. The company is offering a 14-day free trial that includes free "antivirus protection, malware scan, website changes monitoring, SQL injection prevention and up to 10,000 files scan".

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