WOW! By Stephen McKeown64.196.195.4712/4/2001 Rating:10
cphosting.com is just amazing.... $3/month (on the yearly plan), and look at everything you get! I won't name it all here, but it's amazing. And when they say you get something, you get it. Also, support is prompt and helpful. If you're looking for a web host for your site, you don't have to look any further: cphosting merits your business for pricing, features, and support. And also, their servers are pretty nice. :-) All the best, Stephen

CPHosting Makes Me Feel Extremely Comfortable By Charlie Solak24.94.43.21811/11/2001 Rating:10
I really appreciate CPhosting support getting back to me quickly, all the time with my concerns. CP Hosting support has always informed me exactly what was going on. Nothing is worse than guessing and then second guessing. All other hosting companies I have been with have never been square with me. CPHosting does this and it keeps me out of the dark. CP Hosting is the best company I have been with in all the years I have had websites. By the way, when is the last time, the CEO of a company introduced himself personally to you, told you how to get in contact with him and sent a warm hearted, sincere email about a tragedy that befell you. It has never happened to me until CPHosting CEO Mahinder Dangwani, sent me one. Thank you once again, a customer forever, Charlie Solak... http://solak.com http://jfj.com

cphosting.com By Joshua Kim24.22.236.7811/6/2001 Rating:10
Great personal care and quick service staff. I am satisfied with their support team.

The Best Hosting Company!!! By Michael Robere203.197.75.6611/2/2001 Rating:10
It was important, as a web designer for me to find a web hosting company with integrity, high quality servers, low price and good connections. A service I can highly recommend to my clients without reservation and trust that one of the most important factors beyond the development of a web site are in good company. I found this in 1999 when I chose cphosting.com. They schedule upgrades in advance to keep up with the fast pace of technology, and are continually improving the already top-notch customer features and services. They are friendly, competent and technical support is unbeatable. I rest assured knowing my client's sites are up and running on the best of servers with a company that understands the importance of their role and I can do what I do best.

cphosting.com By Tessa209.184.8.12810/10/2001 Rating:10
From the start of being with this host, I have had many questions and problems. I know very little about html, and naturally less about cgi and perl. I wanted to install a message board script from a 3rd party onto my site, and asked many basic questions over many hours before giving up and accepting their offer of setting up my board for me. They were very nice and patient with my endless e-mails.The service was great, the price was too, and I've had no problems with connectivity.

Wonderful Company! By MikeJ203.124.230.689/30/2001 Rating:10
I asked a bunch of questions and ALWAYS got an explanation within 2 hours. They even work on weekends and holidays. I'd recommend this company to ANYONE looking for a good hosting deal without having to pay a lot of money. Also they have 40% discount on yearly payments.

Great Value! Fast Service! By David McEwan64.129.114.1699/20/2001 Rating:10
Creative People Hosting is definetly one of the best hosting companies out there. I sent them an email with a question, and they responded in 15 min. They also have great value. I will never have to find another host.

It's even god enough for my customers! By Peet slikker203.164.2.1989/12/2001 Rating:10
I have been extremely impressed with all aspects of this company. I trust them not only with my own site, but are using them to host my customers sites. I know that if I have a problem they will help me, and be nice about it! They respond to emails quickly, too. The price vs features aspect allows me to provide everything my clients need without having to make them pay extra. In short, go with these guys. Peet Slikker

Great Price, Features By John Keiser24.253.114.1069/2/2001 Rating:10
I have been with cphosting for a month now. The price is dirt cheap. The features are impressive and easily manageable with the control panel--they have installed several web log analyzers and they have a Web interface to administrate your MySQL database (which you get with the cheapest plan!). I don't need the extra CGI scripts, but from what I can tell the control panel even helps you configure those instead of just leaving you on your own. My site has been up all the time, and access times are speedy. This is my first hosting company, but I've got zero reasons to switch.

Excellent Support By matthew206.152.45.638/16/2001 Rating:10
Not only is CPHosting the least expensive I could find, but they provide top notch support. Although, I'm only looking to host a personal web site, they have been very responsive and quick to fulfill requests. They were even able to change my domain names in a matter of hours. I cannot say enough about them. You will not be disapointed choosing cphosting.

Low prices- Top notch customer support! By Darryl Eskin, Denver Colorado63.211.243.216/28/2001 Rating:10
I manage websites primarily for non-profit organizations, so I have to keep costs low. That's the reason I decided to move a few of my websites to Creative People (CPHosting). It was a gamble because cheap service usually means poor service. In this case, I was wrong. Poor customer service is a big problem with many online companies and the folks at CP are bucking the trend with the finest customer support team I have encountered. In the last year their servers have been on line 100% of the time...not a single minute downtime. Every time I had a billing question or needed technical help they responded rapidly. They have given me great personal service, they've been flexible and patient in dealing with problems of my own making, they have added new features and kept the rates VERY low. What more can I ask for? As the server contracts on my other domains expire, I will be transfering them to CP. It's rare that I would ever rate a company as a 10, but these folks deserve it.

Thumbs up ! By abb209.178.164.1746/25/2001 Rating:9
Their server is reliable. Service is great. I got answer for every of my question. And, the price is really right !

as for me - the best CPHOSTING !! By cazem212.29.64.1516/23/2001 Rating:10
your cphosting miracle !! fast, safe, cheap, able and perfect system !! Bravo, well done.. thank you cphosting..

Great Prices and Fantastic service By Sharad Dadlani194.170.168.2444/25/2001 Rating:9
I have had trouble finding a reliable, complete hosting company until I found cphosting.com. Their prices are the lowest in the market yet they include everything you could ever need to get a website running. The customer service is excellent. I am very impressed and would recommend it highly.

Great Service to Price Ratio! By Rick Borden203.197.75.844/7/2001 Rating:10
I have been with cphosting.com for almost a year now and not once did my site go down for any reason. The guys quickly respond to any queries that I may have and they even increased the disk space allotment and lowered their price as well. For the type of service you get and their price it is a definite winner!

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