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  • Reliability/Uptime
  • Technical Support
  • Customer Service & Billing
  • Server & Network Speed
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EXCELLENT customer service, words cant say it, i am really happy... GREAT

Company Response: Nothing

They have the best customer support you can imagine. They even called me by phone to do a follow-up when I was having trouble with my website.

Company Response: N/A

been with over 8 hosts in the past 2-3 years. reyox the best w/ support, service, price. my server is up 24/7 and they even helped me setup things.

Company Response: there are none, these guys are top notch

The support is top notch. They provided some of the best support I have seen. This included techs calling me to help me get my perl scripts running.

Company Response: N/A

Superb service! Great value for just under 10 bucks. Support and network is just amazing!

Company Response: None as yet.

100% Uptime from what I have seen! Technical Support is the best I have seen! Billing and Price/Value is totally great! I love it!

Company Response: Cons? No, no cons.

Words can't express how well this company has treated. I'm only paying $4.95 and I'm getting so much support. Recommended!

Company Response: N/A

Been hosting with Reyox for well over a year now. They helped us through every problem we faced and the owners are very helpful. Excellent value!

Company Response: N/A

Excellent support. Tested their 24/7 claim. Great uptime. Overall desirable service. Been hosted for a year.

Company Response: A little slow in responding to sales inquiries. But the after care makes up for it.

I think I have found my perfect host. We've been hosted with them for quite some time now and the support is unbelievable!

Company Response: Too bad their service isn't free :-)

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  • Reliability/Uptime
  • Technical Support
  • Customer Service & Billing
  • Server & Network Speed
  • Price & Value for Money

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