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The support I receive from CWI is absolutely top notch! They have my personal and professional recommendation 24/7. I'm even more impressed at how t

Company Response: I have not experienced any negatives at this time.

Overall, CWI Hosting was the best referral I've ever had. Their packages are terrific, the costs are affordable, and their technical staff is SUPER!

Company Response: N/A

Because of A+ service I'm still a Custome since 2000. Thanks Keep it up CWIhosting. :)

Company Response: None

The staff at CWI made me feel very comfortable and their service has been impeccable.!

Company Response: I have'nt found one ....

Great support with a very high speed response. The CPanel is very useful and the prices are great.

Company Response: well..basicly nothing

Great Service, Speed, and the price is just right! Thank you

Company Response: N/A

Private JVM, Huge disk space, convenient issue tracking, lots of flexibility

Company Response: Flexibility means other users sometimes bring the server down.

Guaranteed 100% uptime, friendly staff, great services

Company Response: N/A

Great Reseller Program, Fast Network, Sound Support, Lastest Tech, Lots of Features

Company Response: Support slower on wknds, Uptime iffy due to # of users & lvl of ctrl given but much better w/Ded. IP

Great webhosting company, good uptime and nice packages

Company Response: There is nothing wrong, it's just perfect!


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  • Reliability/Uptime
  • Technical Support
  • Customer Service & Billing
  • Server & Network Speed
  • Price & Value for Money

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