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Trabia Network started its operations in September 2001 in Dusseldorf, Germany offering freelance IT consulting. It was incorporated in March 2003 as Trabia-Network e.K. in Dusseldorf offering various IT services to corporate customers, such as on-site consulting and supporting for data center and hosting companies. In December 2005 I.C.S. Trabia-Network S.R.L. was incorporated in Chisinau, Moldova with focus on outsourcing remote consultatancy and support to hosting providers. During 2006, all operations were moved from Germany to Moldova and Trabia-Network e.K. ceased its activities. With the end of 2009 trabia network started offering its own data center and hosting services to customers worldwide. A large customer base was built, with the majority of customers being from Europe and Asia. Due to the large Asian customer base, Trabia-Network Limited in Hong Kong was incorporated in April 2013 and took over all international business relationships, while I.C.S. Trabia-Network S.R.L. maintained the Moldovan business relationships. Today, trabia network houses the largest server farm in Moldova, making it the leading data center facility in the country; in addition, it operates one of the largest network backbones in Eastern Europe.

Address: str. Vlaicu Pîrcălab 52
Chişinău 2012

Phone:+373 (22) 994-994Fax:+373 (22) 844-509

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