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I was charged 3 times for my yearly hosting plan and with multiple emails everyday for the last week I've received no response from the company

Stay away. Something has happend to this company. They used to be good.

Services Period: Past customer during October, 2004 - March, 2006

They will never get back with you. There is no phone number to call them, and e-mails go unanswered. On the very rare occaision you get an answer they are rude and not helpful. BEWARE AND AVOID!!!

Services Period: Past customer during February, 2005 - February, 2006

never down, easy to use GUI to your account.

Company Response: Still have not found a down point...

I now have 5 websites with WWH, great uptime, incredible value, friendly tech. Best overall value!

Company Response: I keep looking for the down side... haven't found it yet.

Great. Super fast and easy to use

Company Response: None. Email, web, FTP and all have worked flawlessly

The customer service has improved.

Company Response: AOL blocks its mail servers.

inexpensive, lots of space

Company Response: spammers are using my mail server, Tech Sppt can't stop it

I've been very, very satisfied here. Professional features, support response, price are top notch.

Company Response: None.

You can't beat this place! less than $1 per month gets you a professional web hosting option!

Company Response: At this time I haven't found any.

Great support. Fast servers. The best part is the low prices.

Company Response: None.


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    • Reliability/Uptime
    • Technical Support
    • Customer Service & Billing
    • Server & Network Speed
    • Price & Value for Money

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