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No matter if you want to create a personal homepage or if you want to have a website or server for your business, we can provide the perfect package for your budget and for your needs, including DDoS-Protection. We constantly try to improve the security in the internet, so we can provide complete solutions first-hand. From the beginnings of the company, a professional business has been established, which stands for serious and contemporary work. DBC-Systems offers their customers besides webhosting a variety of qualified services and quality products.

Our Servers are hardwaresecured by Cisco. We always provide the best security for our customers. Our servers can hold attacks up to 500 Gbit/s or 100,000,000 PPS. An attack will be immediately detected and blocked. This protection runs fully transparent (without any captcha or anything else that could decrease loading time). Our Firewall is also SEO friendly. All TCP and UDP protocols are protected i.e. HTTP,SSL,DNS,FTP,SSH,...
With our hosting-packages against the DDoS-madness. DBC-Systems Servers are optimized for performance and stability, without you having to worry about securityupdates and hotfixes. DBC-Systems Servers were made to provide a maximum of speed, security and stability.

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