DDSNet Europe

DDSNet Europe

DDSNet Europe SRL

Address: Str. Cornelia Salceanu Nr.28
Timisoara 300264

Phone:(+4)0356 882 318 Fax:N/A
DDSNet Europe is a story about passion, communication and the desire to constantly evolve. It is said that when you do what you love you are really happy. And we really are happy. Seriously!

Data security and stability of your online business is our main priority. Basically, without the latest technology, stability and development you can not provide the online performance. Success is what motivates us. Your success in the virtual world. This is because if you take what you planned success becomes ours.

When DDSNet Europe came online romanian market was, and still is saturated overpriced services. And not only here we are discussing the price issue. But high quality services in the field. We aimed from the outset to offer our customers premium services at the right price.

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