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Hostbox Solutions

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Hostbox Solutions is the UK's No1 SECURE web hosting provider, with over 16 years experience and a 99.9% uptime guarantee...

-We Never Oversell Our Servers

What is good unlimited space is you can't use it ?

Any host claiming unlimited space is going to attract abusive customers and these types of hosts almost always cut corners by using single hard drives to pack more users per server, or don't do proper off-server backups, or backup archiving due to space constraints. They may throttle CPU or FTP, making access to the space difficult, or limit your inode file count and arbitrarily delete your account for storing files they don't agree with. Hostbox Solutions gives you 100x more space than any normal or corporate website could possibly use, and make sure that space is 100% accessible without any ftp or http throttling, low inode limits or website file storage limitations. To insure data integrity we run RAID-1 Dual Hard Drive Servers that do real-time mirroring to protect against storage layer failure. In addition we do proper Off Server Daily Backups so if the server Raid had a melt down, or power surge wiped out the hard drives, your data is safe

Comparing Host ?

Do you really want a host that packs 3000 websites per shared ip, or allows 2000 email accounts per person, and expect your Mail Server to be responsive ? Will their Support help you navigate complex issues and reply quickly with effective answers ?

That is why why people choose Hostbox Solutions

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