HostMyBytes LLC

Address: 1732 1st Ave
New York NY 10128
United States

Phone:(888) 593-0864 Fax:N/A
Originally established in 2007, HostMyBytes had humble beginnings. Based in the Denver, Colorado, area, we were a firm primarily focused on building websites for local companies, and it continued to represent local businesses for the next several years. Over time, we began to partner with designers and developers, and we slowly moved into the web hosting space.

After building a strong base with local clientele, we recently decided to open our services up to the public at large. Because we already had the requisite infrastructure, the success of this recent move made us wonder why we hadn’t provided for other Internet companies sooner.

Our company goal is to provide high-quality services for affordable pricing. We aim to be number one in customer satisfaction by bundling lots of features, fast support, and mid-range pricing.

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