JavaPipe LLC

Address: 12180 South 300 East #502
Draper UT 84020
United States

Phone:+1-800-918-1890 Fax:N/A
JavaPipe LLC is a U.S.-based internet solutions company, which was founded in 2001 in Salt Lake City, Utah. JavaPipe operates DDoS scrubbing centers in North America and Europe to protect its customers from the ever growing threat of DDoS attacks. Backed by security experts, JavaPipe not only offers its unique and high-performing Apache Tomcat Java hosting but also security solutions and DDoS protection around the globe. DDoS protected dedicated servers and remote DDoS protection by proxy are only a small part of its comprehensive services. The Java hosting cloud platform is powered by Apache's Tomcat and the top-notch hosting control panel Interworx/Siteworx. Dedicated resources are reserved for every Java hosting account to assure best possible performance of Tomcat at all times. Its DDoS protection services, DDoS protected dedicated servers can be combined with the Java hosting plans for DDoS protected Tomcat hosting. While JavaPipe has premade Java hosting and DDoS protection plans, it is completely flexible when it comes to meeting the customer’s requirements. The RioRey and in-house DDoS filtering can be tailored to exactly match the requirements of the customer and the same is possible with the Tomcat-based Java cloud hosting. All plans come with blazing fast and knowledgeable 24/7 support that assists customers with any issues or questions they may run into and that can even fully manage the hosting solution of the customer.

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