Nividium Technologies, Inc.

Address: 303 South Broadway
Tarrytown NY 10591
United States

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Nividium has been providing high performance, fast and reliable (99.9% uptime guarantee) web hosting at affordable prices designed to your satisfaction since 2011.

Nividium understands that technical expertise, responsive service, reliability and reasonable cost are the key ingredients for any company. We host all our accounts on Quad Core Core 2 Duo Processors with 4 GB RAM minimum and RAID 1. Our RAID set up will allow us to swap out a bad hard drive in the case of failure without any downtime to your website. RAID 1 also provides a high level of disk performance as your data will be served by 2 hard drives as opposed to one. We understand reliability is a huge concern and acknowledge that your success is our success so if that means spending more on expensive server setups, then it's worth it!

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