OSIXGroup Australia

OSIXGroup Australia

OSIXGroup Australia

Address: https://www.osixgroup.com.au/
Brisbane 4100

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OSIXGroup Australia is a business designed around professional service while making every aspect of building a website as simple as possible for you, the client. We can provide web design, web hosting, website construction from main pages, contact pages, blog's and online stores. As-well as websites we offer a wide range of services such as remote backup, Custom PC build's and PC maintenance.

With servers located in multiple Australian and International locations, your website is never too far. With remote automatic backup services, your data can be stored in up to 3 different location protecting you from data loss.

Our experienced Australian technicians can come to your location and perform onsite or offsite PC maintenance, Custom PC's Builds suited to your needs and software or hardware installation support. OSIXGroup Australia also provides PC maintenance by pick up and drop off.

Our wide range of web hosting services include basic web hosting, reseller hosting, unlimited hosting, blog hosting, online store hosting, FTP backup hosting, Personal and email hosting. We offer complete hosting management so you can know your website is always online for your clients to see

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