Neutron. Singapore Pte. Ltd.

Address: Galaxis, 1 Fusionopolis Place #03-01
One-North 138522

Phone:N/A Fax:N/A is a New Cloud Hosting Start-up based in Singapore. Give us a try and let us understand you better :)

* Real Cloud Hosting
* Hourly Billing
* Bitnami Stacks
* Docker Hub
* DDoS Protection
* 100% Uptime
* Green IT
* 24/7 Support

Hardware Specifications
* Enterprise SSD
* 1 Gbps Public Network Card
* 10 Gbps Private Network Card

Loyalty Program
* 1 Point on your first spend
* 30 Points when you spend $200 on the following month

Each Point is equivalent to a dollar and will be automatically added to your Credit

* Strasbourg (France)

More Locations will be available soon

More features...
* No Contracts
* No Hidden Fees
* No Overselling
* No Virtual Machine Limits
* Only $5 is required to use our service
* Fast Virtual Machine Launch
* Dedicated Resources
* Snapshots
* Backups
* Public and Private IPv4/IPv6
* Virtual Machine Hostname
* Reverse DNS Change on Request
* OVH Tier 3 Datacenter
* Optimized Routing
* KVM Virtualization

Virtual Machine States is stored on Compute Server and Virtual Machine Data is stored on Storage Server.
When a Compute Server Network goes down, it'll automatically migrate to a Failover Compute Server.
When a Storage Server goes down, it'll automatically operate on Failover Storage Server as Storage Server and Failover Storage Server are Mirrored to each other.

We accept the following Payment Methods:
* Stripe
* PayPal
* Bitcoin/SpectroCoin
* Bank Transfer Singapore

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