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About Tribolis

Tribolis was founded in the beginning of January 2005 and is based in Australia. Tribolis is a privately held small company with web hosting experience that are still able to provide competitive pricing. Our servers are housed in high-speed network Savvis Datacenter, located in the United States.

We are a growing hoster and work hard to gain our customers support with excellent uptimes, unlike other web hosts that offer inexpensive plans with poor services. Our goal to preserve your loyalty means we will stay competitive and efficient. Focused on network maintenance and trustworthy availability, for customers that value both affordable and stress-free hosting services.

Our web hosting solutions are convenient for designers, developers, web agencies, corporations, small/medium businesses and other business groups. Our mission is to distribute our customers with inexpensive web solutions, support and network speed.

Why Choose Us?
At Tribolis we do not hard-sell or over-sell our services. We pride ourselves on our loyalty to customers by delivering quality services without hassles. We are here for your benefit, and are committed to ensuring any problems are quickly resolved to your satisfaction. We want to tell you why we are the best choice for affordable web hosting.

- Rock-solid reliability & performance
- Superior uptime & fast network
- 24x7 Technical Support at rapid response

Choosing a trustworthy and affordable web host can be frustrating, and at Tribolis we understand that. Our mission is to provide our customers with web hosting that is both affordable and reliable.

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