Xzorbix Limited

Address: 20-22 Wenlock Road
Hoxton N1 7GU
United Kingdom

Phone:N/A Fax:N/A
Xzorbix LTD was founded in December 2018 by Luke Derbyshire, a web hosting expert whom had become tired of using other web hosts. He knew that he could provide a better service at a fraction of the cost, thus, Xzorbix was born.

Utilizing his extensive knowledge of the hosting industry and server management, he built a platform that is extremely stable and will ensure customer satisfaction.

Now joined by Operations Director, Adam Heath, with even further technical knowledge in the industry – they’ve created a platform that is far superior to the competition.

Our vision is simple – to provide cost effective hosting solutions to everybody. To provide the highest quality of service and the highest quality of support.

We only utilize data centers after we have vetted them thoroughly for performance. We will not cut corners and always make sure they are up to our standards.

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