Web Hosting Interview - Digidotz May 2007

Web Hosting Interview - Digidotz May 2007

Gerner Christensen the President and owner of Digidotz

This month we talk to Gerner Christensen the President and owner of Digidotz (www.digidotz.com), a web hosting company that offers a range of services, including web design, domain name registration, mail hosting, and web promotion. The company also offers a number of reseller options. We ask Gerner about the current web hosting climate and where he sees Digidotz in the future.

  • HOSTSEARCH: Gerner - excellent of you to speak to us like this. Much appreciated. Perhaps you could kick off with an overview of Digidotz and let our visitors know your role in the company.
    GERNER CHRISTENSEN: Sure, as you say, I'm the President and Founder of Digidotz. I mostly take care of sales and support. I have a full team of web designers, coders and tech staff that work with me 24/7/365 to provide client support.
  • HOSTSEARCH: Your website shows copyright starting 2003 - is that when Digidotz started? Perhaps you could let us know a bit about the history of the company. Have you always been the ower?
    GERNER CHRISTENSEN: Yes. I started the company back in 2002 and registered in January 2003. It was only me at that time, but Digidotz quickly found clients that loved the support and service I provided. I soon needed to hire some staff. Right now, I have a large staff of people working full time, and some part-time staff.
  • HOSTSEARCH: You offer a lot of different products - web hosting web design, domain names, mail hosting, web promotion... basically you are a one-stop shop from anyone wanting to get online. Do you think this is important for success in the industry - being able to offer everything everyone needs to get online?
    GERNER CHRISTENSEN: Yes. I have been using the Internet since the very start. I have used a lot of different hosting companies, so I know what people want. I know how important it is to have ALL your business done at one trusted place. A place where you get personal and professional support and where they only use high-end servers to ensure the best quality service - that counts for both personal and business hosting.
  • HOSTSEARCH: I found the following text on your website... "Our solutions permit businesses and individuals to upload and maintain their Internet websites on Digidotz's network of high-speed Web servers. Our packages are very much tailored to suit any websites' hosting needs." Without giving all your secrets away, in an era of "cookie-cutter" hosting plans and cut-throat pricing, how can a web host make 'bespoke' hosting - for want of a better word - a success?
    GERNER CHRISTENSEN: To ensure they are satisfied with our service we listen to our customers and hear what their needs are. Most of our clients use scripts, databases, etc. and our tech team first tries to meet their needs on a shared server. If its something very special, we can set up a dedicated server - we offer a range of different servers from cheap to very expensive high-end servers - and help install what the client requires - for free - to make sure the client gets what he needs to get his site working. This is one of the reasons why our clients stay with us for a long time, and often refer new clients to us.
  • HOSTSEARCH: I notice that a lot of the downloadable scripts you offer your clients are Open Source. Is Open Source still as important as it was or is it losing its steam a bit?
    GERNER CHRISTENSEN: Open Source has huge potential for both individuals and businesses that want a professional website, but don't have the money to pay a coder to create something from the ground up. We offer the best Open Source scripts out there, from CMS (Content Management Systems) to "shop scripts", all through hosting accounts offering cPanel. This means that the client can have his or her own online shop and a site with a CMS with only 3 clicks of a mouse. Our tech team is specialized in these scripts, and can help with the different issues that come up using them.
  • HOSTSEARCH: I also see from your website that you offer a number of reseller packages. I have asked this question a couple of times in the past, but I think its worth getting another perspective. Aren't you worried that in setting up a reseller that you could be setting up a competitor?
    GERNER CHRISTENSEN: No. We know we provide such a good service to both our clients and our resellers that when they start with us, they don't leave us. We can provide all the servers a reseller needs, and still provide him AND his clients with the best support. And, as long as his business goes well, our business does the same.
  • HOSTSEARCH: Another part of your portfollio is web design. Can you tell more about that?
    GERNER CHRISTENSEN: Since we started the design business back in 2003, our goal has been to provide cheap professional web design so everyone can afford and start their own professional website. We create html or php websites based on our clients' requirements, and, once finished, they either use them as is, or ask for additional functions and features.
  • HOSTSEARCH: Yet another part of your suite of services is Search Engine Submission. According to your blurb you submit a website to more than "800,000 search engines, directories and links pages". It's a great service, and I can see the links helping websites as far as SEO is concerned, but are there really any other search engines but Google, Yahoo! and MSN these days?
    GERNER CHRISTENSEN: Google, Yahoo! and MSN are the major ones. Beside these, there are a lot of directories and links pages that send targeted traffic. We also offer PPC advertising on the major search engines.
  • HOSTSEARCH: So, with such a range of services and such a climate of change in web hosting and related industries, and fierce specualtion about web hostings' future, where is Digidotz now, where are you going, and what will you be when you get there?
    GERNER CHRISTENSEN: In our "world" only the best survive. Last year, in 2006, we generated 600% more revenue than we did in 2005. In the first 4 months of 2007, we have sold more than ever. I believe our success is because of our attention to each client, personal support and our high-end equipment. Our goal is to provide the best service to our clients and I know that is why our clients stay. So, in short, not only are we going to be one of the survivors, we are going to be one of the winners!
  • HOSTSEARCH: On a personal front - are you happy in hosting? What gives you the most satisfaction from your work?
    GERNER CHRISTENSEN: Yes, I love my work. The best thing about my work is all the positive feedback I get from our clients. That counts from both our smallest client, to our biggest client. I'm happy knowing that Digidotz provides what the clients want.
  • HOSTSEARCH: As the owner and President of a successful web hosting business, is you time totally devoted to your work, or can you sometimes steal away? If you can, what do you do to relax?
    GERNER CHRISTENSEN: (Laughs) Yes. I work up to 10-18 hours a day, but I am not complaining - I like it. I don't feel my time is being stolen. Now, as the company is growing bigger, I have a bit more time on my hands as I have top professional staff to help me.

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