Web Hosting Interview - Micfo International L.L.C. May 2004

Web Hosting Interview - Micfo International L.L.C. May 2004

Amir Golestan, CEO & Founder, Micfo International LLC.

Check out HostSearch interview one-on-one with Amir Golestan, CEO and founder of the Micfo Group. Let's find out how the company that started several years ago from overseas became successful in US market.

  • HOSTSEARCH: Could you please reveal a little about yourself and your day-to-day role with Micfo.com.
    AMIR: First of all let me take the time to thank you for giving me the opportunity of being here to present our company, Micfo International L.L.C. My name is Amir Golestan and I'm CEO and founder of Micfo Group. In 1995 I graduated from the University of phoenix with a BS in Information technology and a MBA in 2000.

    As the CEO & founder of Micfo Group, I am responsible for the success of the company. I have always believed that for a person to successfully start a new company, it is essential to have both knowledge and experiences in that business. Being CEO of Micfo Group, my main responsibility is to set the long-term strategies for the company. As we all know the IT industry is dynamic and quickly changing, I believe it is essential to continually review our business plan, in order to remain successful and continue to see the growth. Recently we have formed numerous partnerships offering even more benefits for our valued customers, helping us maintain our competitive edge.

    Although we have grown substantially over the last few years, on a day to day basis I am still extremely involved in all areas of the company. In order to remain being competitive in the market, I actively listen to our customers via forums etc. and make sure that Micfo Group is continually exceeding expectations. I lead a strong senior management team that has helped me build a friendly, but at the same time serious and professional team of staff. Being an Internet based company, we work efficiently through the use of Internet communication between all staff and myself.
  • HOSTSEARCH: Can you give us a brief historical run through of Micfo.com's development since establishment, and explain the role the company plays in the industry.
    AMIR: Micfo International L.L.C. is a part of Micfo Group Company, which was established in 1999 and has been offering various IT services, such as web hosting, domain registration and web design. We established Micfo International L.L.C. at the beginning of 2001 in order to offer high-end shared web hosting solutions.
  • HOSTSEARCH: Can you tell us more about "Free Website Builder" program? Are you offering this to your entire customer or who will qualify to use this service?
    AMIR: We have formed a partnership with Positive Software Corporation and are able to offer the industry's leading web-based solutions for web design. Our Website Builder Software (SiteStudio) comes free of charge with every hosting package. This software doesn't require any knowledge about coding, uploading, HTML, etc. As long as you can surf the Internet, you will be able to create your very own professional website.
  • HOSTSEARCH: What is your main product or the hosting plan that ranked as your top selling?
    AMIR: Our basic package, MG Super is our most popular package and is ranked 9/10 by our valued customers. This package is for only US$ 9.95/month, however will be offered discounts if clients prepay. It can be as low as US$ 5.95/month if the customers pay on 2-years basis.
  • HOSTSEARCH: What are your marketing strategies that you use for Micfo.com?
    AMIR: Our marketing strategies are to reach as many potential customers in the shortest possible time frame. We use the traditional banner advertising and have been able to establishing a partnership with high traffic web hosting directories, Webmaster resources, and web hosting related forums. The most recent 6-months contract that we had is with you at HostSearch.com and so far the results are just amazing! We have also recently launched our Tier-5 affiliate program; this is by far the industry's most rewarding affiliate program with users getting US$ 50.00 per each new customer they refer.
  • HOSTSEARCH: Since you have 2 office locations with one based in UAE, how do you adjust to an International market? Are there any differences between your local market and International?
    AMIR: We are an international company-marketing world wide, serving customers from 63 countries. However the majority of our valued customers (90%) are from United States, within the first year of our operation we decided to open our first branch in US.

    Due to the time zone difference between our head quarters and our customers in the US, we used to provide 24/7 supports via e-mail, and our ticketing based system. However, with the opening of our new US based office, the time differences would no longer be an issue. As a result, we were able to better serve our US based customers by providing 24/7 toll-free phone supports.
  • HOSTSEARCH: You guaranteed all queries ticket will be respond within 15-25 min, and this is very impressive. How can you do that?
    AMIR: Well, at present we have 15 professional staffs employed at our US based office. They work around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days week. The working day is divided into 3 shifts; each shift contains 4 technical staffs and 1 server/network administrator, responding to our valued client's inquiries within 15-25 minutes. These 5 members of staff per shift, are dedicated only to reply to technical e-mails, tickets and phone inquiries, no other task is required from them.
  • HOSTSEARCH: Where do you see yourself, Micfo.com and the industry as a whole in five years time?
    AMIR: The plan is that within 5 years, Micfo International L.L.C. will be one of the most reputable and well-known hosting companies in the world, offering shared hosting services at the most competitive prices, excellent customer service and the most complete set of features available in market.

  • HOSTSEARCH: What is the first website you visit when you turn on your computer and why?
    AMIR: The first website I visit everyday is " The WebHost Industry News Review ", because it's related to the industry we are in, and I can update myself with the industry's latest news and technology.

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