Verio Unveils Industry's First IPv4/v6 Dual Stack Virtual Private Server Hosting Solution

May 26, 2005
May 26, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Managed hosting solutions company, Verio, today announced the launch of the industry's first IP version 4/version 6 (v4/v6) dual stack Virtual Private Server (VPS) and Managed Private Server (MPS) hosting solutions. The initial launch of the service is being offered from an NTT Communications data center in Tokyo and is designed for viaVerio(R) reseller partners targeting small to midsize markets as well as government agencies. A unique combination of technology and performance, IPv4/v6 dual VPS/MPS v2 provides early adopters the opportunity to develop IPv6-enabled products and services in a cost-effective test environment before transitioning an entire infrastructure to the new Internet protocol.

"As the need for fully secure end-to-end communication has been growing, many service providers - especially in Asian countries - are beginning to see demand for system integration using secure IPv6 technology," said David Chao, vice president of product management for Verio. "Verio launched the industry's first VPS technology and IPv6 service, and we are continuing our product innovation by enabling our VPS and MPS solutions with IPv6 capabilities. A multitude of requests from our international customers and resellers made it clear that this is an important function, and we believe it can drive important new features and application opportunities for businesses worldwide."

IPv6 also offers built-in Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) integration, enabling easier management of complex networks, mobile IPv6 for connectivity to mobile devices, and multicast functionality for communication between a single host and multiple receivers, all implemented in IPv6.

Verio has been working with select companies for the past year to conduct beta testing of its IPv4/v6 dual stack VPS/MPS v2 hosting solutions. In key regions worldwide, Verio has seen an expanding need for IPv6-enabled hosting solutions from some ISPs and corporate users.

Future planned enhancements to the product include the ability to host multiple IP addresses through v6-enabled sites. IPv6 enablement of sites can also facilitate collaboration between sites and servers and allow businesses to take advantage of IPv6-enabled applications.

Verio plans to offer its IPv4/v6 dual stack VPS/MPS v2 solution in Europe and the U.S. in 2006. Currently, Verio's SME reseller partners in Asia, as well as reseller partners who are working with companies doing business in Asia, find this solution offers enhanced revenue generation opportunities and a differentiator in a competitive hosting market.

"Verio's IPv4/v6 dual stack VPS/MPS v2 solution allows hosting providers to meet the growing demand for enhanced, next-generation secure hosting solutions," said Tadao Mochizuki, CEO of RMS Co., LTD, one of the top Japanese hosting providers.

"VPS already delivers a very unique technology -- fair share technology partitions a dedicated server into multiple dedicated servers for better resource management and reduced costs. The IPv4/v6 dual stack VPS/MPS v2 being offered from NTT Communications Tokyo data center enables both partners and agencies alike to begin integrating the advanced features and capabilities such a solution can enable," said Naoki Ohno, network manager of IF Research Co., LTD, also a top Japanese hosting reseller for Verio.

In addition, Verio has expanded its Managed Private Server (MPS) v2 service with new hardware specifications and pricing and made it available from an NTT Communications data center in Tokyo. This expansion will enable increased responsiveness and speed while reducing latency for customers with a presence in Asia. Verio's MPS is a hosting offering that bundles managed services with a low-cost dedicated solution to meet the needs of small to midsize businesses who want the power of a dedicated server without the day-to-day management and maintenance requirements.

Verio also recently announced enhancements to its current VPS v2 offerings, with the launch of a powerful next generation control panel and new e-commerce capabilities. The company will continue to deliver new service enhancements and product innovations throughout 2005.

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