Alabanza Annc. Seamless Site Migration for Web Hosting Resellers

April 4, 2004
Alabanza Offers Fast, Free and Seamless Site Migration for Web Hosting Resellers

- Stable, Leading Web Hosting Provider Delivers Operational Continuity, Better Support and More Products -

BALTIMORE, MD – March 30, 2004 – Alabanza Corporation, a leader in automated Web hosting solutions, today announced that it is waiving its standard $2.00 Professional Migration per site fee to help web hosting resellers seeking more consistent and reliable service from their hosting provider. For web hosting resellers, Alabanza’s offer of free, rapid and seamless site migration to its stable network represents significant savings and ensures operational continuity. A secure and profitable industry leader, Alabanza already supports and helps to grow the businesses of over 400 resellers and over 175,000 web sites worldwide.

This is not the first time that Alabanza has stepped in to help hosting resellers that suddenly find their business jeopardized by poor service from their hosting provider. Due to server downtime and unreliable customer support from its hosting provider, DrakNet, a reseller of hosting services, suffered the loss of 400 customers. The company recently migrated its 1,300 remaining customer sites to Alabanza’s network in a seamless process that took only two days and required no downtime.

“When my web hosting provider suffered an outage and failed to respond to my repeated inquiries, I lost nearly one fourth of my customer base,” says Jennifer Bryan, President of DrakNet. “Once I contacted Alabanza their team quickly moved my sites to their network with minimal downtime and hassle, saving me thousands of dollars in potentially more lost business. By choosing the wrong hosting provider, I ended up losing instead of gaining customers.”

“When people choose a host for their web site, they’re entrusting their data, their domain name and the accessibility of their site to the host. In other words, they’re putting their livelihood in the hands of the host,” says Tom Cunningham, CEO of Alabanza. “Inconsistent service and support is pervasive in the web hosting industry. In addition, the collapse of Endore and other hosting providers further illustrates that stability, customer service and value are paramount in selecting a hosting provider, not price alone.”

Web hosting resellers need to realize that seeking the cheapest possible solution could seriously hurt their reputation and business. Even if due to issues out of their control - such as power or server outages, hackers, viruses, employee sabotage, or bankrupt vendors - providers cannot run the risk of customer downtime. The unanticipated downfall of Endore, and unreliable service from other hosting providers, underscores the need for individuals and businesses to entrust their sites to a secure and profitable web hosting provider. Hosting resellers must protect their brand and customers with a mantra of “always on, always secure - at all costs.” With $30 million in revenues, Alabanza has been profitable and cash flow positive since March 2001. In addition, Alabanza was named the number one host by, and “Top Web Host” by in 2003.

The Alabanza advantage
Alabanza’s exclusive focus is supporting web hosting resellers. Our Automated Web Hosting Software Suite reduces the time and resources needed to build and manage a web hosting company. This software suite consists of a Linux-based package of powerful applications that automate virtually every Web hosting operation — from invoicing and accounts receivables to requests for customer support. Every Alabanza reseller client receives a comprehensive automated web hosting business management solution, plus a complete package of user-friendly site-building and maintenance tools for their customers. Alabanza hosting resellers clients receive:

* Hosting Business Automation Software
* 24/7 Monitoring via Alaguard
* Control Panel Automation Software
* 24/7/365 Dedicated Account Managers
* 24/7/365 System Administrator
* Marketing Specialist
* Full Data Backups
* Service Level Agreement
* Steady stream of New Products and Features
* Advertising Agency and Strategy assistance
* Dozens of Products to Resell
* Seamless Wholesale Domain Name Registration Integrated
* 10-year BulkRegister Domain Name Reseller Membership (a $1,000 value)
* Access to Momentum Marketing, a turnkey set of marketing materials for every product launch to make

Our solid position as an established enterprise makes Alabanza the provider of choice for automated web hosting reseller solutions in the industry.

About Alabanza
Alabanza is an award-winning provider of turnkey Web hosting solutions founded in 1995. With more than 400 customers in 54 countries hosting over 175,000 Websites worldwide, Alabanza's high-performance Linux-based servers, comprehensive hosting automation software, secure, high-speed Internet connection, and 24x7x365 support power the Web's most profitable hosting businesses. Alabanza's automation software addresses the demands of hosts, resellers, and Webmasters, delivering functionality for host administration, billing, site deployment, and e-commerce, all in English, Spanish, French, and German. For more information, visit

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