Atjeu adds new dedicated fiber

Atjeu Publishing LLC/Atjeu Hosting LLC announced on Friday the turn-up of their new dedicated fiber circuit. The circuit is a 24 count dedicated private SONET ring that gives Atjeu the capability of 6 or more OC192's. Currently Atjeu has turned up an OC12 with multiple DS3's to only Tier 1 providers making Atjeu a leader in the quality of bandwidth offered to their customers. This fiber ring is not shared by any other company and is completely dedicated to Atjeu.

"This new circuit also allows us to lower our bandwidth costs to our customers, and give them more bandwidth included with each package", says company Vice-President Boris Vasilev. Atjeu's cost per Gigabyte transferred per month has almost dropped in half, and the amount of bandwidth included in each of their packages has gone up dramatically while the price has remained the same. In most cases, packages now offer six or more times the old bandwidth amounts.

Atjeu continues to offer only top quality Intel P4 hardware with packages starting at $99 per month. They also now offer dedicated server farms for the ultimate in reliability. Atjeu also provides many hardware and software options that are not seen at other hosting companies. One of the most significant is the choice in web-based control panels. The customer has their choice from a huge list that comprises just about every control panel available.

This is the most significant change in Atjeu's history and gives Atjeu the capability to easily expand to Gig E levels as the company grows. Atjeu was founded on quality support and service, and a small company atmosphere where they know their customers by name. With this new addition, its clear Atjeu's name is synonymous with Quality across the board.

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