Company News gladly informs you about its java hosting service level increase.
August 12, 2002 Positive Software Corporation (Psoft), the company which provides with H-Sphere - a scalable multiserver web hosting solution will releases its new H-sphere Version 2.2. Due to this fact in a few days we?ll be able to provide our current and potential customers with a number of quite important service improvements.
Take a look at the most important ones:

Third Party Software Support:

ASPSecured (Windows based accounts)
ASP Net technologies (Windows based accounts)
osCommerce update to 2.2
phpBB now available both for Windows and Unix based accounts

Control Panel Features and Improvements:

Retrieving zero entries and enhanced description for Billing Entries reports.
Providing Support To Resellers' End Customers
FrontPage mail settings for Windows based accounts
Descriptions for customers' bank credit card statements
Plain text and HTML format support in mass mail messages
NAT support
Domains with www prefixes can be secured with SSL
Problem signups are placed into Moderate section to await for the trubles to be resolved
MySQL security update
Portugese language support
Showing domain type and service DNS zones in domain search results
Miva Empresa can be added as a separate resource without adding Miva Merchant and buying Merchant licenses.
Separate generation of descriptions for BillEntries and Reseller BillEntries

In conclusion I'd like to tell you that we always do our best to provide our customers with cutting-edge, top-level service quality and we really care about our customers being satisfied with our service.

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