Covad Sounds Off After Supreme Court Ruling on Brand X

July 5, 2005
ISP Covad Communications Group released a statement to the press crowing about their triumph in the Supreme Court today. The ruling allows that ISPs like Covad do not have to share their backbone as a part of the public service infrastructure.

In Brand X, the Supreme Court affirmed the FCC's determination that cable modem services are an unregulated information service not subject to common carrier rules.

Covad Senior vice president and general counsel James A. Kirkland stated, "Covad strongly believes that having open networks helps promote broadband growth in the U.S., and that competitive service providers should have open access to incumbent networks to provide service to their customers.

"In light of the Court's decision, it is clear that Covad offers the only national alternative broadband network to ISPs and VOIP providers. Covad is ready, willing and able to support wholesale customers and service providers who need last mile and other connections to their customers. That's what we do every day."

Or, in layman's terms, "That's right! We ain't sharing with nobody. You want Internet service you come to me."

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