DediPower Drives the European Dedicated Server Market

DediPower (, an established dedicated server provider
in the UK, today announced the introduction of a revolutionary dedicated
server package for the UK/European market. Dubbed “DediCrazy”, the offer
includes a 1.2Ghz AMD server with 256MB of memory, a 40GB hard drive,
and most astounding of all: 75GB of fully burstable transfer each month
as standard. All this is provided for just £89 per month. Other leading
providers in the UK are pocketing well over £200 per month for a similar
service. DediPower hopes to open the UK and European market to offers
which have in the past been strictly limited to the USA.

About DediPower

DediPower business strategy is akin to that of ‘low cost, no frills’
airline operators such as easyJet and Buzz. By concentrating one a
single core product, simplifying and streamlining business processes,
and a continuous drive to reduce overheads, DediPower offers a stable
low-cost service, without sacrificing quality. DediPower owns and
operate its own data centre, located in Reading, UK, builds most servers
internally, obtains transit from multiple providers and operates a 24
hour support service. This gives DediPower the control that is needed to
push forward the UK/European dedicated server market.

DediPower is a trading name of Asuk Creative Limited, who have been
operating in the industry since 1998. For further information, please
contact Craig Martin or Spencer Tarring on 0800 074 2256 or by email:

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