Domain Registrar Eliteral Offers .Jobs .Travel .Eu Pre-Registrations

July 27, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Domain registrar Eliteral announced on Monday that it will begin offering pre-registrations for .Jobs, .Travel & .Eu TLDs (Top-Level Domains)
beginning at 10 am Eastern time on Thursday, July 28.

Very soon, says Eliteral, registration for all .Jobs, .Travel & .Eu domains will be open to the general public. The domains have only been available to those who meet certain pre-requisites. The two-letter code for the European Union (.EU) appears on the ISO 3166-1 reserved list of alpha two-letter codes of country names.

"The registration of .Jobs, .Travel & .Eu domains represents a tremendous opportunity for businesses eager to tap into millions of consumers in the European Community and the Travel industry." said Eliteral President Monil Chheda. "This previously unavailable opportunity helps businesses protect their international brand identity and enables them to establish a strong
foothold in the rapidly expanding and virtually untouched marketplace."

Using the pre-registration service, says the company, users can have their domain registrations attempted the moment the .Jobs, .Travel & .Eu registration system becomes open to the public. While says it can not guarantee the success of pre-registration efforts, the company has had success in the past, often obtaining high-profile domain names for its clients.

There is also no risk to the pre-registration service, says, as clients will only be billed when a pre-registration results in a valid
domain registration.

"The search for a job (and related HR services) is an endeavor that has importance in every geographic region of the world, for every region has employers that need employees." says Eliteral Vice President Nainil Chheda. "Since the pursuit of jobs is likely to continue as long as there are
employers in the world, the .jobs sTLD has lasting value."

The registration fee starts at $120 per domain per year, with a minimum two-year registration required during the pre-registration period, says

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