ExquisiteHosting.com Offers AIM and Live Support!

April 9, 2004
ExquisiteHosting.com has officially announced two new support methods. Exquisite Hosting will offer AOL Instant Messanger support and live interactive chat support to all its customers. Exquisite Hosting is commited to offering the best possible support in a friendly manner. AIM support and Live Interactive Chat support were created to widen our support options, and make them more accessible. This makes interactions with our customers more personal and friendly. Exquisite Hosting's growth has been dependent on friendly referrals and word of mouth. We believe that this approach to our business will continue to provide us with steady growth and keep us financially secure.

Our new AOL Instant Messanger support screenname is ExquisiteHelp and our Live Interactive Chat can be initialized at www.exquisitehosting.com. Any questions, comments and requests for further information should be directed to aaron@exquisitehosting.com.

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