Globat Offers New Free 'Tax Day Break' Web Hosting Promotion

April 18, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Web hosting provider,, today announced their "Tax Day Break" program, where they give away one year of web hosting service for free to give taxpayers something to have fun with after they are done with their taxes.

"We are very excited to be able to offer free web hosting this tax day weekend and hopefully put a smile on some tax payer's faces who otherwise, after Uncle Sam struck them hard, may not have had the investment resources anymore to join the web hosting community. As our lives revolve more and more around Information Technology we are finding that having a presence online can be important and sometimes crucial to our personal and professional success," said's CEO, Ben R. Neumann. "Our hope is that we can, through this offer, enhance the lives and advance the technical capabilities of the entire Internet community."'s Tax Day Break program is open to anyone who visits and purchases a web hosting account this weekend. The free web hosting offer is redeemable through a mail-in rebate and can be redeemed for any of's three best-selling web hosting plans; the GigaByte Package, Commerce Starter and Commerce Pro Package.

Despite having an aggressive pricing policy does not cut any corners when it comes to customer service. In a recent survey, discovered that a 91% of its customers rate their experience with's customer service between Very Good to Outstanding. 98% of its customers either have recommended or would recommend a friend to the company.

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