Hosted IT Infrastructure and Cloud Computing Company SingleHop Launches AI

November 14, 2015
Hosted IT Infrastructure and Cloud Computing Company SingleHop Launches AI
Hosted IT infrastructure and cloud computing company SingleHop has launched AI, a “Software-as-a-Service” (SaaS) solution designed for the management of hybrid server and OS environments. SingleHop, which has headquarters in Chicago, Illinois, United States, offers enterprises customized cloud infrastructures using solutions from a range of providers. Its services include integrated security made and they are made available to around 5,500 worldwide through data centers in the United States and Europe. The company bills AI as a “first-of-its-kind, free, SaaS platform for remotely monitoring, managing, and patching servers and operating systems no matter where they are hosted”.

AI utilizes automation and predictive intelligence to manage services in “any cloud” and available through “any provider”. The solution brings together data held in a range of server environments to produce a single portal customers can use to manage their services. The solution “dramatically reduces time spent on routine and repetitive tasks and speeds completion of critical actions”. For example, patching servers by hand is a time consuming task which AI manages in “a few clicks of a mouse”. The solution also monitors servers and their applications to recommend any actions and required to maintain their operation.

“AI is game changing,” explained SingleHop’s VP of Products, Jordan Jacobs. “All of the research we’ve seen supports that the vast majority of IT time and budget is allocated to keeping the lights on. With one tool, we can break that cycle. Imagine the productivity gains and reduced downtime achieved by IT professionals who have actionable intelligence at their fingertips across their entire server ecosystem through a single portal. It’s an incredible leap forward in efficiency and economics.”

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