Hosting Zoom Deploys RAID 1 for All Servers

May 10, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Hosting ZOOM, a full-service provider of web hosting services, has deployed RAID 1 disk configurations on all new servers to ensure data integrity. RAID 1 disk mirroring protects from loss of data and is exceptionally fault-tolerant.

"Highly available, performance oriented and reliable servers have become a necessity for any online business. RAID provides our clients with complete redundancy and the ability to recover from the inevitable hard drive failure without any downtime," says Kiet Duong, President of Hosting ZOOM.

RAID 1 is a particular type of RAID technology which ensures that all data is duplicated on pairs of disks simultaneously. This ensures that in the event of a hard drive failure, the server can switch to the other disk with no interruption in service.

Hosting ZOOM has opted for RAID 1 not only because it provides protection, but it also improves performance. If multiple requests for the same data are made, demand can be distributed between two disk copies therefore decreasing response time for data access.

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