Innovations in Business Web Hosting

Dear consumer,

We would like to make you aware of the many recent innovations here at Loose Foot Computing (LFC Hosting). During the last six months, we have made many major improvements, giving our clients a distinct advantage over their competition.

Loose Foot Computing has always been acknowledged as an industry leader in terms of quality, price, reliability, and customer service. As technology changes, so do the standards of our clients, and potential clients such as yourself. This is why we continually make major changes to our service, insuring that your web site is always on the cutting edge of technology and performing to its full potential.

We have moved to a brand new physical location (photo available at:, where we have access to a state of the art fiber connection, giving us large bandwidth and speed. Our server room is climate controlled, ideal for computer operations. Being situated in the most technologically advanced building in western Canada, we are positioned to give our clients, from all over the world, the best possible service available. Our costs are in Canadian dollars (0.64 US), and thus we are able to offer professional web hosting at lower rates than most of our competitors. We also have a very reliable power supply and Internet connection, unlike many other countries and even some US states.

We have successfully completed a total network overhaul, moving our services to brand new state of the art servers, and increasing the speed of our local network. We now provide an unbelievably fast and stable backend configuration for your web service needs.

The following are our server up-time statistics for the last 50 days, proving virtually unsurpassed reliability:

HTTP: 99.98%
CGI: 99.97%
HTTPS: 99.13%
FTP: 99.98%
SMTP: 99.91%
POP3: 99.91%

We realize, even with the best service in the world, a hosting company cannot be superior without unbeatable technical support. Our NEW LFC Technical Support Team is based on a completely new model, catering to small businesses with the need for above average technical support, and is committed to providing unlimited fast and friendly technical support in a variety of ways. There is no limit to the extent that our technical support team will go to ensure that problems get resolved within ONE DAY, as well as guaranteeing that any changes made to your online presence happen seamlessly, improving the way your company does business online.

All technical support issues are now dealt with online using our newly developed Trouble Ticket System. This system effectively allows you to see the action and progress that is occurring on your issue, centralizing all issues so you can always revert back to our Ticket Management Utility to refer to a past issue and find a resolution.

We believe clients prefer different forms of communication, which best fit his/her needs. Among various ways to contact our technical support department, we also offer traditional e-mail, telephone and fax support. In addition, Loose Foot Computing has now become one of the first hosting companies to offer Live Technical Support Chat with video! Now you can enter our chat room and talk with our experts while watching them fix your issue on live video. We bring a new meaning to global business, and with LFC, we try and get you as close to the action as possible. A technical support representative will always be available by telephone during normal business hours, Monday through Friday. Our new unlimited toll-free phone support gives you a piece of mind knowing that your call will be answered.

Lastly, we have made extensive advancements to our Advanced Control Panel (version 2). Now with our online control panel, you can automatically and instantly:

Add, delete, or change domain names and their properties on the fly.
Register domain names with Network Solutions and install, uninstall, and nest FrontPage extensions on the fly.
Add, delete, or change POP3 accounts, forwarding accounts, auto responders, and auto responder messages instantaneously.
Add, delete, or change FTP accounts and their properties instantaneously.

This is only a brief overview of the capabilities of our new account control panel. Feel free to contact if you have any questions about specific capabilities or whether or not certain capabilities that you require are now available with our new control panel.

Offering the latest technologies is always a must in this industry. This is why we have recently implemented SQL Server 7.0, PHP, MySQL, WAP, ChilliASP support, and a fully customizable control panel for our resellers’ clients, all as standard features. All of these services are provided free of charge; see for more information on the LFC Hosting flat rate, business-oriented hosting advantage.

We have many developments planned over the next year, including a brand new Advanced Control Panel system. This system will surpass the already praised version 2.0, offering you complete, unrestricted access to modify any portion of your account automatically and instantly. We are also implementing UNIX servers, giving our clients the option to host on an NT or UNIX server.

We can offer you only a brief description of our vast improvements in reliability, customer service, and automation, which have made LFC Hosting a leader in the industry. Therefore, I invite you to e-mail myself, vice president of LFC, requesting more detailed information on any aspect of our new web hosting service, or how switching to LFC really will benefit your company.

We are simply able to offer a higher quality of service with many more features, and everything you need to conduct secure electronic commerce, at a lower cost overall than competing services. As always, we still continue to offer and honor our First Month Free policy, giving you ample time to transfer your site and get it working flawlessly before even being billed! Hosting with LFC Hosting is now a huge advantage, from a business perspective, over hosting with your current host and we want you to flourish from your online presence! Why not try out our service risk free for one month to see for yourself the huge benefits that hosting with LFC will actually have for your business.

To take advantage of the new LFC Hosting service, simply complete the secure online signup form at:

On a side note, we are pleased to announce that LFC Hosting was rated the #1 web host in the industry among hundreds of industry leaders by for the months of March and April and is currently rated #1 in the industry by!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.


Andrew MacCorquodale -
Vice President
Loose Foot Computing Limited
(877) 584-3968

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