Layerblue announces CODE BLUE: All Inclusive Windows Web Hosting

In a bid to help secure customers in the "1 Plan Web Hosting" area, Layerblue has announced a revolutionary new hosting plan. This plan sets precedence in the hosting community based on the feature set that customers are allotted.

With years of experience and knowledge in the web hosting industry, we have analyzed the needs and wants of hosting customers. The reports came in, and the conclusions were transformed into our all inclusive web hosting plan: CODE BLUE. All of the following features listed on our site at bundled together with our standard set of hosting features for only $99 a year.

For more information on Code Blue, and everything you have access to, please check out our Code Blue Hosting Overview page at

Layerblue is an established debt free company that specializes in Windows based internet web hosting solutions.

We have been operating in this industry since 2002, but have had many years of experience in hosting dating back to the Windows NT and IIS 4.0 days. Times have changed since then, and we have adapted our ever growing expertise to include any new technology deemed to be valuable to our ever expanding customer base.

Signup today and see for yourself the difference that Layerblue can make.

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