Layerblue Upgrades Network Capacity and Security

May 27, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Due to tremendous growth over the past year Layerblue has upgraded their network capacity. As of May 26th 2005 their network capacity has been upgraded to GigE (1,000Mbit) direct to our collocation cage. The new drop is 100% Verio bandwidth both in and out, and is still backed up by our redundant 100Mbit connections.

Included in this planned upgrade were many other network enhancements including but not limited to anti-spoofing technology and greater network redundancy.

June 15th will also be an upgrade day for our entire network with the addition of network layer virus protection. Redundant hardware appliances will be responsible for protecting our network from various worms and viruses that have been circulating. These appliances will also help to protect from virus ridden emails both inbound and outbound.

Layerblue Networks is a debt free Tennessee based company in business since 2002. Layerblue provides advanced Windows web hosting solutions to an ever expanding customer base. Please visit for more information.

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