LFC Hosting Announces Zen Cart™

February 25, 2009
February 25, 2009 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – LFC Hosting (LFC) adds to its web hosting offerings Zen Cart™, the user-friendly open source shopping cart software designed to provide a hassle-free experience for online retailers. Zen Cart™ provides convenient e-commerce capability through an extremely intuitive, yet infinitely powerful model to provision versatile online 'storefronts' that are easily customized and interface with payment gateways to process credit cards in real time.

Robert Sauchyn, LFC President says “LFC is committed to making the latest features, tools and technologies available to our clients. A flexible and friendly shopping cart is essential to small business e-commerce success.” He continues to say, "With Zen Cart™, you can create and manage products through an easy-to-use content management tool.”

LFC's Zen Cart™ offering is provided free-of-charge with all of their hosting plans and offers the ability to manage product reviews, featured products and special offers while providing multiple price, shipping and payment options. Zen Cart™ also features superior product cataloguing capabilities, making it a comprehensive solution for any online retailer.

“LFC continues to pride itself as a one-stop resource for online businesses,” says Andrew MacCorquodale, LFC Vice President, “Zen Cart™ enables our clients to competitively position themselves within the global marketplace by offering e-commerce ready support for many alternate languages, tax structures, shipping options, currencies and payment methods.”

Zen Cart™ can be easily installed on any web hosting account through LFC's innovative proprietary account Control Panel, and a series of demonstration videos help clients get Zen Cart™ setup, configured and customized with minimum effort and maximum return.

LFC is a sound web hosting and e-commerce solution provider that has grown rapidly since their launch in 1996 because of their unique approach to web hosting: They offer a competitive, flat rate service including everything a business of any size needs to develop, deploy, and manage an aggressive, profitable, enterprise-level presence on the Internet, vital for survival in today's marketplace.

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