October 11, 2001
Regina, Saskatchewan.-Loose Foot Computing Limited (LFC Hosting) today enters the next phase of improvement, advancement, and innovation surrounding its dynamic business hosting service. LFC is quickly setting the industry standard in reliability, customer service, network response times, and in providing, at an affordable cost, the many unique capabilities that are typically available only to large Internet-based companies, making them accessible to small businesses through its innovative efficient business and network design.

Robert Sauchyn, Loose Foot Computing CEO, says, “It is these services and capabilities, coupled with our all-inclusive, no hidden fees approach, that separates us from our competition, and gives our clients the distinct online advantage over their competition by hosting with LFC. Now with these many new developments, this is truer than ever. At LFC, we strive for perfection in order to serve our business clients best and live up to our reputation as one of the most innovative and business-oriented web hosts in the industry.”

Following is a summary of the notably major projects that LFC will be undertaking over the next several months.

1. The complete transition will be made to Windows 2000 shortly.

2. The development of a new main LFC Hosing website is currently in the planning stages. This will of course have a new look, but will also be better organized and provide much more corporate information and access to technical support options right off the main page.

3. LFC will be quickly implementing Microsoft IIS (with ASP 3.0) and will ultimately be making the complete transition to IIS. Sauchyn says, “Although our current HTTP server (O’Reilly Website Pro) was much more versatile at the time, IIS is now the standard and is supported by more third party applications.”

4. LFC will soon begin development of the LFC Control Panel v.3.0. It will consist of a completely new, more organized layout, but more importantly will include a complete reprogramming of the back-end control panel software and routine network maintenance software to allow for much more flexibility including instantly active HTTP configuration changes (adding/changing domains, etc.), custom error pages, etc., as well as to further improve reliability and efficiency and facilitate the move to IIS.

5. LFC is currently developing an innovative hardware-based network monitoring system, made to work in conjunction with its current Linux-based independent monitoring system. This will provide the ability to automatically reboot entire servers at the hardware level in the event that the server stops responding altogether, which is rare, but none-the-less a potential issue. It will also allow appropriate LFC staff to, via telephone, instantly reboot servers remotely at the hardware level when they are not in the vicinity of the servers, further reducing rare downtime because of problems that the automated network monitor systems are not able to correct.

6. The development of a new LFC Trouble Ticket System will begin shortly. The former system was disabled some time ago in order to address several issues. The new ticket system will provide many advantages, but will operate very much the same as the old system, providing a very efficient and organized way of managing and logging correspondence with technical support on an issue basis. All "trouble tickets" remain open until the issue has been completely resolved, and all tickets are assessed on a DAILY BASIS to ensure that there has been no carry over from one day to the next due to a lapse in communication.

7. The complete transition will be made to a Bind-based DNS system to eliminate occasional brief DNS downtime.

8. Linux-based hosting plans will be added to LFC’s suite of services. “This project will begin next spring, at the earliest,” says Sauchyn.

9. LFC is also currently looking at accessing a natural gas generator to provide power indefinitely in the event of an extended power outage that current battery-powered systems are not able to withstand. Andrew MacCorquodale, Loose Foot Computing Vice President, said, “Although such an event is extremely unlikely due to our very reliable power supply from a public utility, LFC is exploring all means of approaching 100% uptime.”

LFC Hosting is currently offering a free trial month with no commitment to all those interested in taking advantage of LFC’s business-oriented approach to web hosting.

Those taking advantage of this exiting service will receive for only $18 USD/month, among a large array of other services:

- up to 5 individual domain names (www.businessname.com)
- full 128-bit encrypted e-commerce support
- corporate e-mail support
- support for Microsoft FrontPage 2000 TM
- the ability to administer their website 24 hours a day

All new accounts are set up within one business day and can be registered through the Loose Foot website at: http://www.lfchosting.com/

Loose Foot Computing is a sound web hosting and e-commerce solution provider that has grown rapidly since their launch in 1996 because of their unique approach to web hosting: They offer an extremely competitive flat rate service that includes everything a small business needs to develop, deploy, and manage an aggressive, profitable on-line presence.

Quotes used with permission:

"I have been with you for about 6 months now, and just wanted to say that the service level improvements over this time have convinced me that I have made the right choice in host! You are to be heartily congratulated for your efforts in not only maintaining your standards, but working towards constantly improving them. I think that although a number of hosts may do some of this type of improvement, by communicating it and asking for further suggestions, you differentiate yourselves in the market. Once again, congratulations!" – Oct. 9, 2001
- Stephanie McKern – Small Business Owner

"As a small Web design and concentrated planner since 2000, I have watched LFC consistently grow and make many advances. The customer service is top notch and the uptime has been proven. If you’re considering moving your web sites and business I would highly recommend taking a close look at LFC to meet your business or personal needs." – Sep. 26, 2001
- Robert Dostani – Small Business Owner

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