September 23, 2002
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada – LFC Hosting today announces a new service offering merchant accounts to international customers and high-risk business including electronics, DVD, pharmaceuticals, travel, satellite equipment, gaming, tobacco, and adult websites!

LFC’s new service includes the following unique key features:

24-48 hr. Approval Process
Ability to Settle in USD, CAD, Pounds, and Euros
Low Rates
No Volume Restrictions
No Gateway Fees
99% Approval Rate
Free Virtual Credit Card Terminal
Fast Service
Great Customer Service
Pay-as-you-go Approach

If you operate a business outside of the United States and/or have been previously declined for a merchant account, contact LFC today for information on their new service at info@lfchosting.com. Robert Sauchyn, LFC CEO, says, “We can now provide a merchant account to Any Business, Anywhere in the World.”

For information on LFC’s regular merchant accounts for United States merchants, please see:


LFC is a sound web hosting and e-commerce solution provider that has grown rapidly since their launch in 1996 because of their unique approach to web hosting: They offer a competitive, flat rate service including everything a business of any size needs to develop, deploy, and manage an aggressive, profitable, enterprise-level presence on the Internet, vital for survival in today’s marketplace. LFC Hosting welcomes you to visit their website today to compare LFC Hosting with your current hosting service, and find out how LFC can allow your business to take advantage of new possibilities online, before your competition does. More information on LFC Hosting’s innovative hosting services can be found at:


Quotes used with permission:

As a small web design and concentrated planner since 2000, I have watched LFC consistently grow and make many advances. The customer service is top notch and the uptime has been proven. If you're considering moving your web sites and business I would highly recommend taking a close look at LFC to meet your business or personal needs. They have shown what serving the Webmaster community should be like! Thanks for excellent services and low costs.

- R. Dostani

We at Matrix Maniax would like to say a few words in praise of the service we are being provided by Loose Foot Hosting (lfchosting.com). Since we first inquired about their hosting policies, strategies, and pricing plans, we have been extremely pleased. Loose Foot had us up and running with all the bells and whistles one would expect from a high quality server in under 48 hours. Our questions have been handled expediently, professionally and the responses have been very helpful. It is of no wonder to us that hostwhois.com voted them number one. We, here at Matrix Maniax, must second that appraisal. Keep up the great work Loose Foot, and we will be with you for a long, long time.

- T. Smollett

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