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Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada – LFC Hosting’s website, graphic and software design/development and web promotion team, SoftPro Systems, is the proud winner of the 2003-2004 Golden Web Award. The Golden Web Awards, a division of the International Association of Webmasters and Designers, are designed to celebrate web sites that exhibit excellence in web design, content, and creativity.

Robert Sauchyn, LFC President, says, "With the growing number of small businesses on the Internet, the need for a solid and sustainable one-stop IT shop for small to medium sized businesses becomes increasingly important. We are pleased to offer, and continually evolve, the most comprehensive set of required products and services available today."

LFC Hosting’s development team, SoftPro Systems, was formed as such in early 2003, and consists of an expert staff numbering in the hundreds. Venkata Rao Mallineni, SoftPro System President, says, “SoftPro is thrilled to develop websites that are proud winners of the Golden Web Awards. We take great pride in producing exceptional sites. Clean, functional, beautiful, intuitive and substantial, coupled with personal attention and a dedicated team of problem solvers. As the development team of LFC Hosting, we are pleased to be producing results in line with LFC’s quality expectations and vision.”

Andrew MacCorquodale, LFC VP, says, "We are very pleased with the outstanding efforts and product delivery of our web design/development team. LFC Hosting’s continued commitment to providing superior products and services to the global business community is highlighted by this recognition, and I congratulate everyone involved with the receipt of this award.”

LFC is a sound web design, software development, web hosting and e-commerce solution provider that has grown rapidly since their launch in 1996 because of their unique approach to web hosting: They offer a competitive, flat rate service including everything a business of any size needs to develop, deploy, and manage an aggressive, profitable, enterprise-level presence on the Internet, vital for survival in today's marketplace. LFC Hosting welcomes you to visit their website today to compare LFC Hosting with your current hosting service, and find out how LFC can allow your business to take advantage of new possibilities online, before your competition does. More information on LFC Hosting's innovative hosting services can be found at:


Quotes used with permission:

“Our page looks super! We appreciate everything you have done, and we are getting anxious to advertise and join those millions of other product shops online in competition! Our business group will hear about your service!”

- Larry & Kimberly

“I am a current customer that is pleased to acknowledge LFC for its continuing efforts and, since 2000, for providing us with over 20 high traffic sites with excellent service, reliability and low costs. I would recommend LFC to the new and professional Webmasters who are looking for total web solutions!”

- R. Shefferd

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