LFC Web Hosting Launches Unique Small Business Hosting Solutions

September 12, 2005
September 12, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Web host LFC Hosting today announces the launch of its new unique, highly competitive shared web hosting solutions, breaking new ground in the category.

Since 1996, LFC Hosting has offered innovative one-stop-shop online business solutions to small and medium-sized companies enabling them to achieve new growth possibilities without incurring additional costs by leveraging the power of the Internet to its fullest potential.

LFC Hosting has since become a leader in the industry through its unique approach to using the concept of computer resource sharing to bring Enterprise-level online capabilities, customer service, reliability, security, performance and eCommerce to the doorsteps of small businesses, giving them a distinct advantage over their competition. LFC now hosts over 7,000 websites in over 60 countries, continues to grow rapidly, and has won countless industry awards and accolades (http://www.lfchosting.com/corp_awards.shtml).

LFC already offers an unmatched quality of service due to its mandate to, above all, cater to the needs and goals of small business owners and executives.

Andrew MacCorquodale, LFC VP says, “Our business-oriented, all-inclusive, no-hidden-fees approach sets us apart. Rather than completely catering to your tech department, much like other hosts, we cater to the business itself by aligning our offerings with the goals and objectives of decision makers, such as SPAM protection, online promotion and easy administration, putting the business owners and executives in control of their own organization.”

For example, early this year, LFC Hosting announced 24/7 advanced technical support with a guaranteed response time of two minutes for its telephone and live chat support (LFC was one of the first hosts to offer a live technical support chat service) and one hour for support tickets, any time, day or night, an industry first.

Moreover, throughout 2005 to date, LFC Hosting has taken leaps and bounds ahead of its competition in the areas of versatility and speed of customer administration and control, reliability, security, performance, bandwidth and latency, data and power backup, self-service web data and database backup/recovery, disaster recovery, data center upgrades such as climate and air-flow control and monitoring, automated network and power management, monitoring and auto-correction and automatic server setup and scalability, clustered e-mail, SPAM and virus handling and e-mail features/control, hardware management, failover, load balancing and redundancy, database replication, and shared hosting and colocation features, platforms and services, website design/development, eCommerce and online promotion offerings.

Andrew MacCorquodale, LFC VP says, “Our needs analysis approach is a little different. As a result, we always seem to unintentionally take a different approach to a problem than everyone else, such as our removable hard-drive-based clustered backup system to replace the industry standard tape backup, which has since been followed by competitors.”

The latest major development in LFC’s already industry-leading suite of offerings, unsurpassed quality of 24/7 service, business-oriented approach, state-of-the-art network, servers and connection, performance, reliability, security, and lastly credibility and integrity is a brand new set of lower cost yet more comprehensive hosting solutions for small businesses, including many more computing resources for small businesses to take advantage of than ever before.

Robert Sauchyn, LFC CEO says, “In short, our secret is really not a secret at all, although easier said and than done: always evolve ahead of our competition to stay current and give our valued clients the distinct advantage with the newest online technologies and developments available. Based on the research and testing conducted, our new shared hosting plans for SOHOs and SMBs beat anything else available in the industry by a long-shot, giving small companies a powerful new tool for competing online. We anticipate massive growth with our new, re-structured plans starting below ten dollars per month for a comprehensive solution, with no setup fees, same day setup and a free trial month.”

The LFC Hosting network was built with business in mind and is centered on reliability and unsurpassed customer service. Their award-winning all-inclusive “no hidden fees” approach is fundamental to LFC’s model, offering small businesses with everything they need to conduct secure electronic commerce, while pricing their plans like other hosts’ basic (non-eCommerce) offerings. This allows significant room for cost-free growth and effectively makes the newest Enterprise-level technologies accessible to businesses of any size, giving them new possibilities for doing business online.

And now, LFC plans are priced lower, making them accessible even to startups with no investment capital, and include much more web space and bandwidth along with many, many more e-mail accounts, MySQL and MS SQL databases, DSNs, FTP accounts, mailing lists, etc. Moreover, LFC now offers customers with total control over how they use the plethora of resources included with their hosting plans, primarily web space and bandwidth.

Andrew MacCorquodale, LFC VP says, “Other shared hosting features inevitably occupy disk space and bandwidth, such as e-mail accounts, scripts, FrontPage extensions, website traffic analysis reports and raw logfiles, MySQL and MS SQL databases, mailing list archives, anonymous FTP, Real Audio and Video files, etc.

However, competing services, due to infrastructure barriers, typically limit the amount of disk space available to you for each of these features within your total space without advertising it, restricting how you can actually use the space that you are paying for!

At LFC, we understand that every business is different. This is why our unique advanced network and proprietary in-house automation allows you to decide exactly how to distribute your allocated disk space.”

As a practical example of this, if you so choose, you could use your entire disk space to house e-mail messages alone while you travel! LFC is one of the few hosts currently allowing this flexibility, enabled by their unique in-house built network automation.

Robert Sauchyn, LFC CEO says, “If there is one piece of advice that I can give to a small business looking to successfully compete online, it is to not underestimate the importance of a business-oriented web host. In my opinion, if you are not hosting with LFC, your business is not realizing its full potential online by taking advantage of our unsurpassed customer service, reliability and e-commerce capabilities, which our clients depend on and appreciate. In short, our service is absolutely ideal for a range of users from business people to Internet professionals and resellers.”

If you're in the market for a total online presence to grow your business, visit http://www.lfchosting.com first. For a limited time only, try their service free for one month with no risk whatsoever. LFC's advanced account control panel and skilled technical support team will aid you in the seamless transfer of your website to their network.

LFC is a sound web hosting and e-commerce solution provider that has grown rapidly since their launch in 1996 because of their unique approach to web hosting: They offer a competitive, flat rate service including everything a business of any size needs to develop, deploy and manage an aggressive, profitable presence on the Internet, vital for survival in today's marketplace. LFC Hosting welcomes you to visit their website today to compare LFC Hosting with your current hosting service, and find out how LFC can allow your business to take advantage of new possibilities online, before your competition does. More information on LFC Hosting's innovative hosting services can be found at:


Quotes used with permission:

"I've never found a Hosting Provider so committed to service as LFC Hosting. From my experienced standpoint (I worked from 1997 to 2000 as key account manager for UNI2 - the leading Spanish/French ISP and Hosting Provider), I know how difficult it is sometimes to provide high quality standards in service, and I feel impressed about the way you guys have managed my requests. At this moment I was browsing your technical FAQ while feeling so excited about the easy way things can be done using your services."

- P. Deeleman

"I am a current customer that is pleased to acknowledge LFC for its continuing efforts and, since 2000, for providing us with over 20 high traffic sites with excellent service, reliability and low costs. I would recommend LFC to the new and professional Webmasters who are looking for total web solutions!"

- R. Shefferd

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