NetBenefit Announces Managed Web Hosting Upgrade

November 25, 2005
November 25, 2005 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – UK-based NetBenefit has this week announced a major upgrade to its managed web hosting services and infrastructure which offers guaranteed 100 percent network uptime and over 3Gbps bandwidth.

Amongst other enhancements, NetBenefit has strengthened its offering through the introduction of Dell hardware. Additionally, NetBenefit’s servers can be hosted behind load balancers and firewalls within one or two data centers with full duplication available between sites. Gateway routers are configured in such as fashion that should Internet access at one become unavailable, the other will takeover to secure service.

NetBenefit’s solution is available on both Linux and Windows platforms and can be built to an organization’s specific requirements. Jonathan Robinson, Technical Director for NetBenefit commented, “NetBenefit understands that strong and reliable web hosting is critical to modern business and we are constantly looking for opportunities to further improve the quality and robustness of our managed hosting services. Through a major investment in our product and infrastructure, we can now guarantee our customers 100 per cent network availability at a competitive price while continuing to provide the highest levels of around the clock customer service and support.”

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