NTWebhost Bucks the Trend

NTWebhost bucks the trend

March 6th 2002 - Whilst many companies within the Web Hosting industry seem to be experiencing a slump, NTWebhost, one of the UK’s premier Dedicated and Shared hosting companies, is seeing a boom in their business. Dedicated Server sales are up on last year and they have just announced the opening of a new Data Centre in Florida.

‘With our new state-of-the-art data centre in Florida, we are now able to offer our customers fully redundant mirrored solutions.’ Says CEO Rick Pearson. ‘After the disaster of September 11th many companies are now realising the importance of out-sourcing their hosting and database applications. We have seen a huge demand from our current Dedicated server customers for Mirrored solutions across the Atlantic.’

NTWebhost has recently taken on more staff to cope with their growing dedicated server business, at a time when many hosting companies are scaling down and making staff redundant.

‘One thing you need to consider in the current market climate is the stability and reliability of the hosting company you are going to choose. There are a lot of companies in financial difficulty at the moment. Many of our competitors are backed by venture capital. These backers are expecting a return on their investment and in the current market climate they may get cold feet, as we have already seen in numerous cases.’ explained Dickie Armour, Head of Sales. ‘When looking for a hosting company, you need to ensure that the solution is fully scaleable. But will the hosting company still be in business when you need them? Not only are our solutions fully scaleable, but we are too!’

Wisemonkey Creative Technology, a New Media development agency in Soho, London, chose NTWebhost to host their dedicated server for their many mission critical projects. ‘The support from NTWebhost has been fantastic and we are very pleased with the reliability and performance of our servers. We needed to make sure that we could rely on our hosting company for these high profile sites.’ Jason Jones, Technical Director said. ‘We have been highly impressed with the uptime and how the server has coped with the traffic.’

NTWebhost will be at the Internet World Show in London on June 11th, 12th & 13th.

NTWebhost specialise in providing professional shared and dedicated hosting solutions for web developers and internet professionals. They host over 90,000 websites for customers in 32 countries, and have data centres in West London and Docklands in the UK and Florida and Virginia in the USA.

Tel: + 44 870 747 9047
Fax: + 44 870 747 9048
Email: admin@ntwebhost.co.uk
Contact: Dickie Armour

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