ReliableSite Offers Free Daily Incremental Data Backups

November 3, 2008 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – ReliableSite.Net LLC (, a Web host serving individuals and businesses, today added daily incremental data backups, available for free on all Shared, Reseller, and Cluster-based Web hosting plans.

With the new backups, data is automatically backed up daily and stored on disk in a physically separate server within the data center facility. The incremental backups allow ReliableSite to keep up to 30 revisions of every file within the backup – allowing users to tap into a month’s worth of file revisions in the event of a disaster, accidental data loss, or security incident.

“Although we have always stressed the importance for our customers to maintain their own backups, we previously provided weekly backups at no additional charge. With today’s addition of daily incremental backups, we are able to implement a robust extra layer of protection against data loss or accidental deletion,” said Radic Davydov, owner of ReliableSite. “The new backup process puts almost no load on our servers and creates a real value-add for our services.”

ReliableSite recently introduced Semi-Dedicated Clustered hosting, which distributes services across a variety of dedicated servers, and repackages them into a virtual platform. Semi-Dedicated Clustered hosting is available on a Windows platform with 20GB of disk space and 100GB of monthly data transfer.

ReliableSite offers a power uptime guarantee in its New York datacenter, outfitted with UPS and diesel generator backups, cooling backup with multiple redundant temperature and humidity controls, and round-the-clock network uptime with a series of premium top-tier bandwidth providers.

Since 2006, ReliableSite has been serving individuals and businesses internationally with its line of award-winning shared and dedicated Web hosting solutions. Offering 24/365 technical support, all technicians are Microsoft Certified Professionals and fully qualified in their field.

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