Launches Public Hosting

March 1, 2005 - South Carolina: After a year of service to private clientele, has announced the opening of its services to the public. Over this past year, server38 has provided web hosting for the needs of varied clients, such as entrepreneurs, small businesses, hobbyists, and bands.

“We are excited to offer hosting to the public” said Co-Founder, Randy Christenhusz, “It has been a long road for us , we are ecstatic about the enthusiasm and support we have received from our customers. We realized that although many hosting companies offer decent service, they lack one important thing; full customer satisfaction.”

Through a combination of value, quality, and innovation, server38’s mission is to combine unbeatable quality with an affordable price.

About Server38
Server38 was founded in 2004 as a local hosting provider for webmasters and small businesses. Because of their ability to offer exceptional technical support, server38 is becoming a leading hosting company in both South Eastern Michigan and Northern South Carolina.

Contact Information
Randy Christenhusz

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