Services for ‘Mission-Critical’ Web Sites Announced by Managed Hosting Provider INetU

January 5, 2006
Managed Hosting Provider INetU ( has announced the launch of a range of new security services designed for its customers with ‘mission-critical’ websites. The new services help identify vulnerabilities embedded in web site code and those created by changing software environments. The services include ‘Operating System Hardening’, ‘Security Assessment’ and ‘Comprehensive System Audit’.

The company’s ‘Security Assessment’ explores its customer’s servers to detect whether systems are vulnerable to exploitation by providing a report on security weaknesses. INetU’s Operating System Hardening service removes unnecessary components from operating systems to create an entirely secure business environment. The ‘Security Assessment’ service is used to establish a report on security enhancements after an operating system is hardened, while the ‘Comprehensive System Audit’ provides a weekly audit of a customer’s server configurations to measure and enhance security and performance.

"Security is a top priority for our clients," explained Dev Chanchani, INetU's President. "Utilizing our new security services increases the security, reliability and confidence in the mission critical web applications our clients host with us."

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