SpeedFC Engages The Planet for Hosting Services

May 27, 2009
May 27, 2009 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – The Planet, the global leader in IT hosting, has announced that SpeedFC, Inc. (http://www.speedfc.com) has tapped the company to provide hosting services for its IT infrastructure. Headquartered in Dallas, SPEED FC is a single-source provider of business-to-business and direct-to-consumer customized, integrated and outsourced transaction management services for both traditional and e-commerce retailers. SPEED FC clients number some of the most highly regarded, well-known brands in the country.

SPEED FC provides customers with a suite of end-to-end solutions, including fulfillment, customer care, Web development, Web hosting and Web marketing. Clients can select either a complete, turnkey solution, or choose from its broad portfolio of services. The company also works with their clients’ creative departments and agencies to integrate their existing brand identities into a consistent online presence.

“As our business has evolved and we’ve expanded the services we provide, we recognized that the timing was right to add hosting services that could support our rapid expansion,” said John DeCaprio, president of Speed FC Interactive. “When we began adding mid- and large-cap companies to our portfolio, they wanted to know we had the right technologies and fail safes in place to manage their operations. We evaluated a number of companies, knowing it was critical to have a partner that could scale with us, no matter the size of the client we brought to the table. The Planet provides us with an enterprise-quality network and IT infrastructure, which allows us to focus on our customers and the core competencies we provide.”

“As more companies evaluate their IT cap-ex spending, IT infrastructure hosting provides a compelling alternative to the do-it-yourself, go-it-alone approach,” said Steve Kahan, vice president of marketing and product management for The Planet. “With a world-class network, enterprise-quality SAS70 Type-II data centers, and around-the-clock support, customers can add servers to their IT infrastructure often in just an hour. In the event of a business spike — or adding new customers to their portfolios — they must take quick action to capture opportunities, which is one of the many benefits of doing business with The Planet.”

SPEED FC Snapshot
Founded in 2000 as a third-party logistics fulfillment company, SPEED FC has been on a significant growth trajectory, adding services as customers required expanded capabilities. In 2002, the company identified call center operations as a strategic business extension. Just two years later, with a strong technology team in place, the company began developing Web sites and then launched full e-commerce support for its growing customer base.

Today, SPEED FC combines its deep knowledge of online e-tailing with traditional bricks and mortar retail to help customers navigate virtually every marketing challenge. The company has been highly successful in building and expanding relationships with its customers, providing them with an entire team of experts with broad capabilities to support their burgeoning requirements.

“It’s clear that bricks and mortar operations aren’t going away,” says DeCaprio. “In fact, depending on the industry, research indicates that 60 percent of offline sales are influenced by online research. Customers want both online and offline relationships with their preferred retailers, and the key is how to combine both. Retail will always be better for some items since you can’t feel or try on a product through a Web site. By contrast, customers can go online to see a video, gain knowledge through expanded information about a product or even evaluate product reviews. There’s clearly a balance that’s required for successful retailers, and it’s precisely the kind of deep market knowledge we offer.”

SPEED FC provides its client with a single relationship that eliminates the requirements to synchronize communications with multiple service organizations. As an integral partner to its retail clients, the company performs virtually all of its services with a team of in-house experts, adding the high degree of customization, flexibility and responsiveness its clients require.

To hear first-hand about SPEED FC, visit The Planet Web site and watch a new video featuring Speed FC Interactive President John DeCaprio: http://www.theplanet.com/videos/#speedfc.

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