The Planet Adds to Northstar Managed Hosting

June 8, 2009 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – The Planet, has announced that (, headquartered in Kent, Wash., has selected the Northstar Managed Hosting™ platform for its IT infrastructure. The free challenge site extends opportunities for anyone – from individuals, schools or even groups and clubs – to post videos, establish their own personal records and defy others to best the performance.

Co-founded by Jeff Huffman and Jesse Prohn, the two entrepreneurs kicked around numerous ideas as they looked for ways to engage their children to become more active and less interested in video games.

“We wanted a fun, clean and safe place for our kids, but also for anyone from 1 to 99 to have some fun,” says Huffman. “We envision schools using BreakThisRecord, with their logos and school colors, to post events on their own dedicated pages. They can conduct not only physical challenges, but also academic contests.” According to Prohn, the Northstar Anticipation Advantage was key to their decision.

“Jeff and I are both in the construction industry, so technology is a not one of our core competencies,” he says. “We needed technical advice on servers, software and architecture, and the Northstar services were key in our decision making. They simplified the process for us and laid out a plan for our growth. The team is fast and reliable, and we don’t have to worry. We can focus on building interest in the site.”

“Businesses of all sizes rely on Northstar and its Anticipation Advantage methodology,” said Steve Kahan, vice president of marketing and product management for The Planet. “With its prescriptive methodology, customers plan their IT infrastructure to accommodate their long-term business goals without having to purchase more servers than they need. Plans are evaluated quarterly with the Northstar team to be certain they’re ready for the next growth phase.” Snapshot
Jesse Prohn and Jeff Huffman are hard-working and competitive entrepreneurs, both with an interest in their construction business. Mulling plans for establishing new opportunities, the two discussed the fact that they missed the competitive physical activities of their youth. They surfaced the idea of competitive challenges, and Prohn credits Huffman with taking the next steps to make a reality. Core to both was that it should be a family-friendly site that offered good, clean fun.

The two tapped a friend with deep technical expertise to help. From there, they decided that hosting was the best option since it meant they didn’t have to buy servers or manage the IT infrastructure on their own.

“We’re both raising families, so we have fewer opportunities to compete,” says Prohn. “I can’t go out and play basketball like I used to do, and that’s how the idea came about. We both liked it, but it was Jeff who initiated what came next.”

As their ideas evolved, they both agreed they wanted to combine fun and humor. Today, the site provides a wide array of challenges, from the largest elk antler ever found; the best time on eating a can of Vienna sausages; and even the best rainbow caught on a camcorder. They also offer prizes every month, including new Flip video cameras, for the best entry.

“Not every entry goes up,” notes Huffman. “We monitor the site around-the-clock to keep it clean and safe. If we deem it’s not right for the audience we’re targeting, it just doesn’t go up.”

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