Verio to Provide IPv6 Gateway Services for UltraDNS

May 31, 2005
May 31, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Managed hosting solutions provider Verio today announced IPv6 Gateway Services will be provided to Internet access customer UltraDNS, a leading provider of managed DNS services. The company currently manages more than 12 million domains, representing approximately a 20 percent share of the global domain market. The IPv6 services UltraDNS provides to its customer base expand beyond the United States, reaching to Hong Kong and London, making IPv6 an option for international customers.

"UltraDNS is pleased to be able to provide its customers with native IPv6 connectivity and resolution of DNS," said Rodney Joffe, chairman and CTO of UltraDNS. "Future applications will rely on the extensions provided by IPv6, and now that Verio is providing a global network that is IPv6-enabled, we are able to extend our reach with the added reliability and security that is innate to IPv6."

"Verio's IPv6 Gateway Services match our coverage needs very well. UltraDNS has plans to expand even further on a global basis, and with the NTT Communications Global IPv6 backbone covering four continents, we chose Verio as the best provider to fulfill both our current and future needs," said David Novosad, general manager and vice president of operations for UltraDNS.
Novosad continued to explain that IPv6 promises easier administration, tighter security, greater mobility and superior reliability, alongside the ultimate benefit of an enhanced addressing scheme over IPv4. It is these types of services the company's customers were demanding, and were ultimately provided by Verio.

"UltraDNS sees great promise in the future of IPv6, and we recognize that Verio is taking a leading position in making IPv6 connectivity and provisioning available outside the traditional research and development environments," said Joffe. "At this stage the U.S. market is lagging behind most of the world with regards to recognizing the benefits of IPv6. Hardware is already available, as are dual stack operating systems - the only barriers left are those imposed by the network providers in rolling out the capabilities. We're thrilled that Verio has broken through this barrier to make IPv6 services available to us."

"As an international Internet access provider with an IPv6 backbone that spans the globe, Verio is leading the way for the adoption of IPv6 and is uniquely positioned to help UltraDNS deliver IPv6 connectivity to its customers," said Cody Christman, director of IPv6 product engineering for Verio. "Verio is pleased to be working with a U.S.-based company that understands the importance and technological benefits that come with an IPv6 deployment. As momentum increases, we will continue to enhance the capabilities and features of our IPv6 Gateway Services offering to allow our customers globally to benefit from the added reliability and stability that are the hallmarks of IPv6."

UltraDNS creates and powers technology solutions that enhance the reliability, scalability and performance of the world's largest and most highly available networks, including that of, Oracle and the .org and .uk top level domain root infrastructures. The company's services have found wide adoption in the Fortune 1000 and e-Business customer segments.

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